The Grand Traverse Road Commission continues to install the new traffic system

The Grand Traverse Road Commission is continuing its project by installing a new traffic system.

“Takes signals and pulls them out of a defined timing pattern and allows a computer to collect data on which vehicles are heading towards a signal and which vehicles are leaving a signal, then adjust the network to cope to this volume of traffic on the fly,” says GTRC General Manager Brad Kluczynski.

The road commission has been working on this project for more than two years.

“We have another phase that has just started. We will complete the Hammond road from the keystone to the three mile intersection and then it will connect to the roundabout,” comments Kluczynski.

The success of this system can be seen in other Michigan cities

“I worked for Ann Arbor myself and saw it and it’s a drastic improvement. It’s taken a lot of the time off,” Kluczynski added.

And those who prefer to walk rather than drive can rest assured that this system will accommodate them too.

“The cycle must be at least the minimum time it would take for a pedestrian to cross at that light. So when we’re done let all our pedestrian push button installations go and be more efficient,” Kluczynski said.

A highly anticipated system for drivers in the region.

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