The town of Cumilla is going through a major overhaul of the traffic system

City dwellers should see the big changes within two months

February 09, 2022, 10:00 a.m.

Last modification: February 09, 2022, 12:25 p.m.

The Cumilla City Corporation recently took an initiative to improve the city’s notoriously bad traffic system. The photo was taken recently. Photo: TBS

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The Cumilla City Corporation recently took an initiative to improve the city’s notoriously bad traffic system. The photo was taken recently. Photo: TBS

The town of Cumilla, which has long suffered from traffic congestion, is currently undergoing an overhaul for an improved traffic system.

The Cumilla City Corporation began renovations Feb. 2 with six action plans, according to officials familiar with the matter.

The plans are as follows: tear down illegal roadside establishments, ensure parking spaces at every shopping complex and market, make crucial roads one-way, limit the movement of rickshaws to particular areas, demolish all unnecessary monuments on the roads and repair the ringing collection places.

“We aim to implement the initiatives within two months. After that, we will hold a meeting with the MP, civil society and local representatives to discuss improvement,” said Shafiqul Islam, chief executive of the municipality.

“If we fail to resolve the traffic congestion at that time, we will try to find alternative solutions with the discussion,” he told The Business Standard.

Municipal Corporation Mayor Monirul Haque Sakku said Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina recently approved a development fund of Tk 1,538 crore for them.

“With the money allocated, we began to implement our much sought-after plans to make the town of Cumilla trouble-free.”

Photo: TBS

Photo: TBS

Photo: TBS

“Previously, we didn’t get enough budget to start a large-scale project for the development of the city, since its inception in 2010,” he told TBS.

The mayor of the city hoped to be able to build a beautiful city through the use of the development fund.

Part of the fund will be used to implement the six action plans, while another part will be spent on developing crucial roads in the city. The company, however, did not disclose how much to spend on improving the circulation system.

Sakku said they would build several multi-storey buildings for the company, develop infrastructure to reduce waterlogging, beautify the banks of the Gumti River and other large water bodies, and build attractive bridges and others with the fund.

Among the six action plans to minimize traffic congestion, one is to clear the roads and paths of illegal establishments.

During a recent visit to several locations in the city, adjacent roads and footpaths in Shasongacha, Police Lines, Kandirpar, Rajgonj and Chawkbazar areas were found to be already free from illegal occupation. Commuters and pedestrians moved easily. Speaking to this correspondent, they said they can now save a lot of time on their journey through the zones.

On Tuesday, authorities were found carrying out such campaigns in the neighborhoods of Pubali Chattar, Modern School, Circuit House. Officials said they would demolish all illegal establishments in other areas, including the crucial Paduar Bazar highway, in phases. Additionally, the makeshift shops in front of the city-owned New Market and City Market would soon be cleared.

To implement the second action plan, the company asked shopping complexes and other major markets to manage parking spaces themselves. Otherwise, the corporation would make parking spaces on the ground floor.

Under the third plan, the company has already announced the one-way Rajgonj-Shapla-Kandirpar road to ensure uninterrupted traffic. There are also alternative routes. In addition, the movements of large buses from universities, schools, colleges or other organizations have been asked to avoid pubali Chattar and Kanidirpar.

During the visit, several designated checkpoints were found set up on the crucial road. The police ensured one-way traffic. In the event of irregularities, the police penalized the offenders.

Photo: TBS

Photo: TBS

Photo: TBS

The municipality has limited the movement of auto rickshaws to limited areas, to implement its fourth plan. Also, vehicles were asked not to park in one place for a long time.

To materialize the fifth action plan, the authorities demolished all the monuments on the roads built by different organizations or institutions in the areas of Shasongacha, Police Lines, Kandirpar, Rajgonj and Chawkbazar. The campaign continued in other regions.

In the future, no agency except the government would be allowed to build such establishments on the roads, according to the company.

He also announced that road tolls would be collected from designated stops, as part of his efforts to implement the sixth action plan. In addition, the authorities have deployed a rapid action battalion to eradicate all irregularities in the collection of tolls.

City corporation officials believe the initiatives would bring a good traffic system for the city. However, people from civil society have suggested others to make Cumilla a livable city.

“The municipality can allow roadside vendors to set up their makeshift shops on kha land in the city area,” said Badrul Huda Jenu, former chairman of the Sochetan Nagarik committee for the Cumilla unit.

He suggested authorities repair stands for buses and make zebra crossings for pedestrians.

To make a complete city, Badrul Huda thought, the city of Cumilla needed a modern stadium, an auditorium, and other civic amenities.

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