There is now a traffic light system for encounters at the supermarket

star of The single person Brittany Hockley shared some dating tips for those looking to fall in love with Australia’s most romantic destination: the supermarket. Hot!

On a recent episode of Hockley’s “Life Uncut” podcast, she shared the spicy nuggets of information with her co-host and fellow ex-Bachieved star Laura Byrne.

“You can pick up in a supermarket and there are all these secret signs and signals depending on what you have in your trolley,” the 35-year-old told

“You have to take a cart and go to the fruit section.

“If you pick up a bunch of bananas, if they’re straight, so curves up in the top cart, that means you’re single.”

I’m sorry, what?

I’ve been putting my bananas face down like an IDIOT the whole time.

Why isn’t this information on the doorstep of all Coles, Woolies and Aldi across the country? Why is the government not doing anything about this? Cry, scream, flip my bananas.

Hockley went on to describe the nuances of this cutting-edge dating method.

“Now if you just want to buy bananas but you’re not looking, you turn them down the other way, which means you’re not open.”

Ok, this is getting complicated. I will have to bring a rulebook to the supermarket the next time I do my weekly shopping.

The convo then evolved to cover a bunch of other fruit-related subliminal cues.

“If you have an upside-down pineapple in your cart, you’re telling everyone you’re a swinger and you’re open to swinging.

“If you want to show your interest in a man, you put a peach in his cart.”

First of all, how the hell do you put a pineapple upside down?

If you have the skills to walk through a supermarket with a pineapple balanced on its spiny green things, I’m impressed.

Second, fishing in the cart sent me.

As a man, if someone put a peach in my cart, I’d probably think it was a TikTok prank and start looking for a 19-year-old with an iPhone filming me behind the lettuce section.

So where did this horny supermarket subliminal messaging system come from?

Internet sleuths believe he first jumped into the TikTok mainstream after a creator shared his confusion aboard a cruise ship.

As the designer was walking down the hall, she noticed pineapples placed on people’s doors and wondered what the hell was up with.


Awww how cute, I wonder what the occasion is. 😂😭 #cruise #cruisetiktok #cruisetok #pineapples #pineapple #cruisewithme #cruisetips #cruisetipsandtricks #cruiseshiplife #cruiseshiplife

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“That means drop-ins are welcome…and bring friends,” wrote one commenter according to Yahoo Lifestyle.

“It means they want to rock the boat,” said another big horniness boss.

Well, there it is. I guess we all learned something today.

Who would have thought that the adult equivalent of college parties at traffic lights would be the placement of fruit in supermarket trolleys?

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