There will be no road without traffic signs in Ankara

There will be no road without traffic signs in Ankara

The Ankara Metropolitan Municipality continues its works which make the roads of Başkent more comfortable and more reliable. The teams of the General Directorate of Signaling and Infrastructures of the Department of Science and Technology are renewing road information and signaling panels in order to increase the safety of people and goods in neighborhoods that have ended their economic life, in particular on the main roads where the asphalt work has been completed. The teams will install 32,000 standard signs and 45,000 cat-eyes (CTP) in total.

The Ankara Metropolitan Municipality is continuing its road information work and renewal of road signs in the center and surrounding areas in order to make traffic in the capital safer and more comfortable.

Teams from the Directorate General of Scientific Affairs, Signaling and Infrastructures have started to renew 32,000 standard road signs and 45,000 cat’s eyes (CTP) on neighborhood connection roads (village), who have finished their economic life.

Access routes to neighborhoods are now safer and more comfortable

The Metropolitan Municipality, which has increased its precautions by prioritizing the safety of people and goods on the connecting routes of the center and the surrounding neighborhoods, aims to make neighborhood roads (village) safe and comfortable by renewing information panels and worn road signs.

The teams of the Direction de la Signalisation et des Infrastructures, which have started to place 32,000 signposts in accordance with the standards on the connecting roads of the neighborhoods, where the asphalt has been laid or whose expansion work has been completed , also install the GRP (cat’s eye) roadside posts which increase visibility and act as reflectors.

thousand kilometers of road network

Traffic information and traffic signs, which ensure good light reflection, are detected by vehicle headlights, especially on roads with poor night vision and no lighting, while alerting the driver and keeping rates to a minimum. accidents.

When the works in the adjacent areas are completed, the Metropolitan Municipality, which will bring together 45,000 GRP cat eyes with the roads of Başkent in an area of ​​about a thousand kilometers, will have made the danger warning signs and regulations. Traffic. , which ended their economic life, replaced by new ones and brought them up to standard.

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