This man born in India is the originator of the first autonomous traffic management system in the world

An engineer born in India and based in Silicon Valley designed an automated platform for traffic management. Vaibhav Ghadiok, 36, executive vice president of engineering at Hayden AI in Silicon Valley, US, is behind the world’s first autonomous traffic management platform.

Ghadiok led a team of 30 scientists and engineers to design this unique platform.

In the center is a camera-based perception platform. The system helps create a 3D map of a specific region with places like lane lines, parking meters, traffic signs, fire hydrants, sidewalks and crosswalks are all clearly marked.

The system can be used to guide transit buses and garbage trucks for automated traffic and parking. The 3D map generated by the system is coupled with computer vision algorithms based on deep learning. It can automatically detect and identify violations such as illegally parked vehicles.

Ghadiok, who is a household name in the robotics field with multiple inventions and patents to his credit, has used his expertise in AI and robotics to improve transit systems around the world. The automated traffic management platform architected by Ghadiok will help build smart cities while modernizing traffic management.

“Our technology will improve the efficiency of public transport, reduce carbon emissions and make cities more sustainable and connected. It will have a huge positive impact on millions of lives by improving the human experience, ”said Vaibhav Ghadiok.

Hayden AI bridges the innovation gap in traffic management by combining artificial intelligence with mobile sensors that have the ability to see and reason in 3D. It paves the way for the creation of smart solutions for the cities of the future. Its autonomous traffic management platform enables innovative cities to improve urban mobility and improve the quality of life of communities by making traffic flows safer and more reliable.

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