Town of Tyler approves funding for study to improve congested traffic system

TYLER, TX (KLTV) – The City of Tyler has approved a funding study that would identify and assess issues with the city’s aging traffic system.

Mayor Martin Heines said traffic topped the list of complaints from residents. City council on Wednesday approved a contract for $ 621,740; an investment towards an issue on the mayor’s to-do list since being elected in 2014.

“We have always seen that this is the number one problem for the citizens of this community,” Heines explained at Wednesday’s meeting. “Whenever we ask questions and answers in the community, it’s always about traffic.”

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The board awarded an engineering contract to carry out the study to Kimley-Horn and Associates Inc., a national company with offices in Dallas.

“They all had very good questions, they were all very up to date with what was going on,” said Kent Kacir, vice president of Kimley-Horn and Associates. “They are obviously concerned with the mobility of the town of Tyler. And they wanted to make sure that the end result was something attainable.

The end result would be a new system to improve traffic by addressing coordination between traffic lights; a problem that municipal engineers have already identified.

Kacir said that many problems can be solved with simple solutions, such as vehicle detection technology. Basically, cameras equipped with the technology are displayed above the traffic lights and detect when a driver is stopping. If a traffic light was red, but no other vehicle was passing the intersection at the time, the camera would detect the only driver approaching and turn the light green.

Other fixes, Kacir said, are more complicated.

“. the technology used today in Tyler is quite dated.

It’s unclear when the study will get the green light, but Heines said it would take at least 12 months to complete the study, which will include traffic counts and a pilot program. Kacir said a master plan and recommendations would be available as early as April 2020.

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