Tyler Texas City Council voted unanimously to purchase an Advanced Traffic Management System (ATMS) and associated equipment. A total of US $ 1,887,220 will purchase US $ 1,847,220 of new equipment from Paradigm Traffic and US $ 40,000 in contingency funds should other expenses arise during the installation of the software and software. ‘equipment. ATMS includes software, traffic light communications, traffic light controllers, and vehicle detection.

ATMS software includes Centracs 2.0 and Centracs Mobility Software. Centracs 2.0 is a server-based system that will be controlled by municipal staff. Centracs Mobility is cloud-based ATMS software that can be accessed by city staff from any internet connection. The software provides database management of traffic light timing, traffic light system reporting and alerting capabilities, and signal performance metrics. The cost of the system includes installation, training, five years of maintenance and support from Paradigm Traffic.

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