Township of Ephrata. will pay 50% for traffic signal upgrades for security vehicles at the intersection of Route 272 and Garden Spot Road | Community News

When: Ephrata Township Supervisors Meeting, June 7.

What happened: Council voted unanimously to pay 50% for a traffic signal improvement project at the Garden Spot Road/Route 272 intersection, at a cost of $8,850. Ephrata Township Superintendent Steve Sawyer said in a June 9 email that the township would pay for it from either the general fund or the liquid fuels fund.

Why is this important: The Township of Ephrata shares the intersection with the Township of East Cocalico and each municipality contributes 50% of the cost of any improvements made. The total cost of the project is $17,700. Work in progress at the traffic intersection is preemptive upgrades for emergency vehicles. Preemption allows emergency vehicles such as ambulances to control traffic lights in emergency situations. The driver of an emergency vehicle presses a button to turn all traffic lights red to allow safer passage.

Read all about it: Sawyer learned about the lighting improvements from a municipal memoir published in TNL | LancasterOnline from the May 5 meeting in East Cocalico, where supervisors approved the project. In a May 25 email to Mike Hession, East Cocalico’s manager, Sawyer wrote that he would “request that we be given advance notice of a proposed project at this intersection if we were asked to pay 50% of the cost”.

Quoteable: “Emergency preemption is a safety feature that I think should be present at every signal,” Sawyer said.

Sandboxes: The supervisors unanimously approved the removal of the sandboxes from the community park. Sawyer said a township sanitation worker found sand in the bathrooms, play areas and clubhouse. The township had trouble with the water fountain’s small drain pipe clogging up because it’s an “easy place” for someone to wash their hands after leaving the sandpit. The township put up signs at the park to keep the sand in sandboxes earlier this spring.

And after: Supervisors will meet at 7:00 am on June 21 in the municipal building at 265 Akron Road.

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