Traffic management depicts the social etiquette of locals

Islamabad: This is a universal quote that traffic behavior in any country portrays the mores, propensity and social etiquette of people living in the city, but traffic organizers are always responsible for the good or bad attitude of traffic activities.

And what about the civilization of the inhabitants of the federal capital and what is the height of professionalism of traffic managers?

Growing heavy traffic on Islamabad highway often results in absolute choking of traffic for hours between Gulberg Bridge and Rawat T-Cross, but traffic managers have no solution to smooth traffic on the main highway of the federal capital.

Heavy containers and heavily laden trucks drive in the far right lane regardless of rules that disrupt traffic flow.

Drivers do not care about traffic standards when changing lanes without showing a turn signal and which caused fatal accidents.

Traffic confusion is painful and we all face in our daily life when we leave our and start driving on main roads or thoroughfares in our daily life with the fear of a deadly collision, resulting in mental tension up until we reach our destination.

Perseverance without gusts, on hot coals that the roads could be cleared before we run late for the task we are running or the places we are going.

Drivers coerce irresponsibly, police, tasked with managing traffic, mostly disappear, roads are left abandoned where police are needed most, or don’t bother to check on ruthless drivers because they put the lives of passengers in danger.

These believe in careful driving to avoid accidents, follow traffic rules and stay in the lane, but face disruptive traffic on the roads.

People show irresponsible attitude due to lack of civic sense in people, which leads to violation of traffic rules and laws. Sometimes traffic lights in particular areas of cities are also out of order, they need to be maintained properly to regulate city traffic.

There is an ignorance of traffic signs like Zebra Crossing, One-way and parking signs. The number of road accidents is also growing apart from pedestrians facing many inconveniences when crossing a road. The negligence of the traffic police and the avoidance of taxes by the general public are also the reasons for this poor traffic system in the country.

The roads are too compact to facilitate the movement of cars, taxis, rickshaws and other vehicles. Endless construction work in cities is another reason for traffic jams, for example, ongoing works of buildings and offices can be seen in many areas

In addition, poor road conditions also contribute to traffic accidents and traffic jams, drivers are in a rush to reach their destination, which is dangerous as road accidents may occur.

Ambulances have no space to cross the road, and it is risky for serious patients inside the ambulance, drivers should reach hospital as soon as possible to save patients’ lives. People arrive home late at night after waiting long hours in the car queue.

It is necessary to seriously examine these factors for improvement. We can take advantage of this high-tech competitive environment by implementing an automatic traffic control system, proper training of traffic officers should be conducted according to relevant laws, regular traffic monitoring and maintenance should be present on the roads daily, a good traffic control service in cities should be developed to have a check and a balance on the daily problems of road traffic.

Although new roads, overpasses and underpasses are being constructed and widened to ease traffic congestion on a particular highway in Islamabad, the problem of traffic congestion has yet to be solved . We can often get rid of traffic lights by using roundabouts, it’s a much safer way to control traffic and reduce vehicle congestion also by reducing car speeds and improving the angle.

However, traffic management should rightly observe the deplorable public order situation as well as the traffic condition and make suitable plans for the convenience of commuters.

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