Traffic signs are important for drivers

Dear Editor,

Traffic signs greatly help careful drivers. It pains me to see traffic lights damaged by errant drivers. Traffic lights, when working, reduce uncertainty for drivers at various intersections.

I find along Mandela Avenue very useful roadway arrows that give directions to drivers, especially since they show the correct lane a driver should take. However, these traffic signs must be constantly repainted before they fade.

Of concern is the junction of Water Street which turns east along Guyana Stores leading to High Street and also branches south past Fogarty’s.

At this Water Street junction, traffic converges, a line traveling north to south, then behind the police outpost traveling south to north, meeting at the junction which is a bend.

I would advise the traffic department to place a “Yield” sign for vehicles traveling south to north, giving the right of way to vehicles traveling north to south. Often drivers are reluctant to know who has the right of way; nowadays discretion or arrogance prevails, and drivers are not always discreet at all times.

Also, the “Yield” sign at the bend opposite Wight’s Lane in Kingston is barely noticeable. Drivers who are unfamiliar with the area would be in danger from the police as well as drivers.

There are many, many streets in the Queenstown area where drivers cannot determine whether they are one-way or not. I had to back up quite a distance once when I got caught like that.

The start of these streets should be “one way” with an arrow indicating which way.

The traffic department should also take steps to educate drivers in a build-up of traffic to leave the heads of certain streets clear for entering or exiting vehicles. This is particularly the case on the eastern shore of Demerara. White lines should be drawn to indicate to drivers where they should not stop.

I hope some of these suggestions can be considered by the traffic police department.

Yours faithfully,
(Name and address provided)

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