US 27/K. 70 traffic lights to be activated in flashing mode for two weeks | News

The long-awaited traffic light at the intersection of US 27 and Ky. 70 in Eubank is almost a reality.

The Kentucky Cabinet of Transportation (KYTC) is preparing to activate the new traffic light at the intersection, it was announced in a statement from the KYTC District 8 office on Wednesday.

The new signal will be put into flashing mode on Monday, December 27, to allow motorists to familiarize themselves with the signal.

Motorists traveling within US 27 will continue to have priority. Ky. 70 approaches will continue to be stop controlled and will receive a flashing red signal to indicate the stop, according to KYTC.

The signal will stay in flashing mode for about two weeks before going into full red-yellow-green working mode.

Motorists are encouraged to exercise caution when crossing this intersection as crews continue to work to install and test the signal, the KYTC statement said.

Signal activation dates may be adjusted in the event of inclement weather or other unpredictable delays. Drivers using this interchange should be aware of the changes in traffic flow that this new signal will create.

The traffic light is the result of long-standing efforts by members of the Eubank community, who have seen a significant number of wrecks, often fatal, occur at this intersection over the years. Two such wrecks have occurred this year – one in January that killed two Waynesburg sisters and another that ultimately claimed the life of a Somerset teenager in July.

Citizens of Eubank were reluctant to initial plans to implement a more complicated Restricted U-Turn (RCUT), which would block direct access from the east and west sides of Ky. 70 and create a system in which Ky. 70 drivers trying to cross US 27 had to turn right onto 27, cross a 650-foot-long turn lane, then turn left onto US 27 and travel another 650 feet to get to the other entry from Ky. 70.

In July, it was announced that the traffic light would be installed instead. Work began at the end of October.

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