UT will upgrade its intelligent traffic system to capture more traffic violations

CHANDIGARH Traffic Police set to upgrade Intelligent Traffic Management System (ITMS) to enable cameras to capture more traffic violations in addition to speeding and traffic light violations red.

These violations will include driving without a helmet, triple driving, crosswalk violations, wrong turns, and cell phone use while driving or riding.

Around 225 ITMS cameras under Chandigarh Smart City Limited have been installed at 47 junctions. UT Traffic Police has already taken over the monitoring of ITMS, while the upgrade will be taken over by Chandigarh Smart City.

Sources said that 10 of the 47 road junctions covering Chandigarh entry points from Punjab and Haryana are equipped with software to detect speeding and the rest of the cameras at the other 37 junctions are capable of detect red light violations.

More than a dozen traffic police are stationed at Smart City Limited’s Integrated Command and Control Center (ICCC) in Sector 17 to monitor 47 CCTV cameras, which operate 24×7.

“We asked Smart City to integrate the detection of other violations such as driving without a helmet, triple driving, wrong turns, crosswalk violations, mobile phone use while driving, etc. They are Traffic challans via ITMS CCTV cameras are currently being issued for red light violations and speeding 6,560 speeding challans and 5,003 red light violation challans have been issued pronounced to date,” said SSP (Traffic/Security) Manisha Chaudhary. The ITMS was inaugurated on March 27.

Sources said zebra crossings, driving without a helmet and wrong-side violations take priority for the ITMS. The sensors will take time to update. The technology used in these cameras is said to be rock solid.

ITMS works within the framework of the Smart City project. The operation of the ITMS was carried out by traffic police personnel at the ICCC. ITMS has been integrated with the Chandigarh Traffic Police e-challan software which will help the traffic police to validate offenses and issue postal challans.

These 10 junctions where overspeeding can be detected include Madhya Marg, Dakshin Marg, Purab Marg, Jan Marg, Uttar marg, etc.

Meanwhile, the 47 junctions where high-resolution CCTV cameras have been installed are able to monitor traffic, meaning that these cameras record vehicle movements.

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