Varon Vehicles and RTI Partner for UAM Air Traffic System

Varon Vehicles views urban air mobility as an answer to mobility infrastructure challenges. (Varon vehicles)

Varon Vehicles, an infrastructure-focused urban air mobility (UAM) company, has partnered with Real-Time Innovations (RTI), an autonomous systems software company, to build a UAM traffic management system for air taxis, the company announced on Aug 3, 17.

The announcement is the start of a more formal relationship between the two companies, said Chip Downing, senior manager of A&D market development at RTI. Aviation today by email. RTI and Varon Vehicles have been working together informally for over a year. The system will be used on Varon Vehicles’ electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft infrastructure network. Varon Vehicles’ UAM systems and networks are currently in a requirements gathering and initial design phase.

“Urban air mobility platforms and ground infrastructure systems have unique requirements and face complex challenges as they evolve toward large-scale commercial deployment,” Downing said. “Futuristic transportation systems like these provide industry with safe and convenient options. We are excited to work with Varon Vehicles as they drive UAM innovation and build a powerful infrastructure system for UAM in Latin America.

The RTI partnership is the latest industry collaboration established by Varon Vehicles this year. Others include a vertiport development partnership with Jaunt Air Mobility and an agreement signed with GE Digital in June to integrate their predictive analytics platform into the UAM infrastructure and ecosystem solutions they develop.

RTI has a UAM system, Connext DDS, which provides a software connectivity framework for vehicle sensors and systems, according to the release. Connext enables vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure communications. This system also offers RTCA DO-178C and EUROCAE ED-12C DAL A commercial certification.

“We are proud to work with RTI as we plan our operations implementation and progress to integrate the required components into our infrastructure networks,” said Felipe Varon, CEO and Founder of Varon Vehicles, in a statement. communicated. “RTI Connext provides the communications and data fusion capabilities needed to enable high-end reliability and security of all the systems we need to bring together. The robustness, reliability and real-time performance of data management are essential in the highly automated environments required in our infrastructure networks.

The UAM system will contain three main components: the vertiports, the virtual airways connecting the vertiports and the eVTOL aircraft fleets.

“The end product will be a disruptive form of mobility infrastructure that can be easily deployed in Latin America,” Downing said. “It is an important transport infrastructure in the air. Just as there are roads, rail systems and ground-based metro systems, it will work to transport people and goods, but with the ability to reduce traffic congestion, cheaper delivery per mile and faster and more efficient routes. more direct… RTI technology provides connectivity in autonomous vehicles – air and ground – and plays a critical role in ensuring safe and efficient operations in individual air vehicles as well as in the entire air mobility operation urban.

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