Whoops ! A driving school car extinguishes a traffic light in Pittsfield

Getting my driver’s license has always been a priority for me. It was right. Interests come and go over generations, but mine was certainly obsessed with getting his driver’s license. Seriously, in 1997, I didn’t know ONE teenager who wasn’t quite into it.

These days, it doesn’t seem to be THAT important to young people. The age has not changed, in Massachusetts at 16 you can start the process.

A student must hold a valid learner’s license and be 16 years old before you can participate in motor vehicle on-road instruction. Classroom instruction covers at least the following areas of study: Massachusetts driver’s license. Driver’s license privilege. -mass.gov

Regardless of teens’ interest in getting their driver’s license, driver education is alive and well across the country.

Dave’s Driving School Inc. here in Pittsfield, MA attracted attention lately when a TikTok video showed one of their instructional vehicles doing a little boo boo.

I’m not quite sure of the location of the incident, but it seems to me somewhere near Fourth and Fenn streets.

I don’t have more information than what you see in the video. I can’t confirm who was driving, whether it was the student or the instructor, but it’s just kind of ironic and funny! We obviously hope that no one was seriously injured…

The TikTok is courtesy of @tdashchim

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