Wilson commits to traffic management


Patrick Wilson said he had more work to do from city council, particularly in terms of traffic management and growth, and to support local businesses in a meaningful way.

Patrick Wilson said he had more work for city council to do, especially on managing traffic and growth, as well as supporting local businesses in a meaningful way.

Wilson has lived in Cochrane his entire life and served as a city councilor for a term.

“I grew up in Cochrane,” he says. I have lived here all my life. I went to school and graduated here. I run a few small businesses, a taxi company in Cochrane and a mountain shuttle company. I am deeply linked to this community, that’s for sure.

Wilson said he took the time to sit down and reflect on his intentions for a second term on the board.

“I have achieved some things that I am quite proud of and have strengthened my usefulness for another term on city council,” he said. “My big three, which are all over the billboards, are managing growth, fixing traffic and supporting local business.”

Wilson said concerns about traffic and infrastructure management inspired him to show up in 2017, after seeing virtually no upgrading of the city to meet demand for decades.

“It took a while to get some traction, but we were able to complete some of the traffic projects that you are already seeing going on in the last quarter,” he said. “The 1A / 22 motorway interchange is a huge victory for our community which will begin next spring. It took a lot of work to get there. There has been a lot of advocacy and work with our province and our MPP to move this forward because we don’t have the funds to modernize an intersection like this.

Wilson said that if elected, the next term, he would like to see additional lanes added to the Railway Avenue crossing at 1 Street to improve traffic flow.

He said he would also like to upgrade Cochrane’s traffic lights to incorporate cost-effective smart traffic technology, where the lights are safer and adapt to backups and traffic flows throughout the day.

On the issue of managing growth, Wilson said there are some things the board needs to address.

“I’m not anti-growth in any way, I just have this very simple idea that Cochrane’s new growth should be of net benefit to current residents,” he said.

The way Cochrane is developing now, Wilson said, is a sharp drop for residents.

“I think we have real problems in this city if we continue to develop where we are fiscally insolvent,” he said. -year they have assets. Growth is not benefiting current residents and we need to change that. “

In support of local businesses, Wilson aims to focus on creating greater self-reliance to foster economic development and, according to his website, he will defend the provincial government against any further foreclosures destructive to local businesses.

Wilson said he feels particularly strong in his understanding of politics and said overall what requires work on the board is social media management and communication.

“I have relied on some of my fellow advisers for a lot of things in this department,” he said. “But I have a clear idea of ​​where our community needs to improve, where we fail and how we get to where we need to be.”

Cochranites can vote for a maximum of six councilors in the upcoming municipal elections on October 18. For more information on election day and voting, visit cochrane.ca/election.

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