Wrapping Patience: Traffic light so far in McCarran as busy holiday week begins

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) – It’s been a busy day at McCarran International Airport, with many families traveling together this year.

They arrive early, pack their patience and travel light.

People are thrilled to fly on the Thanksgiving vacation.

McCarran spokesman Joe Rajchel said 2019 was a busy Thanksgiving – one of the busiest on record nationwide.

Rajchel doesn’t expect 2021 to be quite at this level, but the COVID-19 vaccine has made more people comfortable getting on planes.

“This will be the first vacation in a long time that someone might have traveled,” he said. “They may not have traveled since the start of the pandemic. Nationally, we expect this to be a big week of travel.

Nicole Steinert comes from northern California with her whole family.

“We planned ahead and left at a time that was not very busy,” she said. “The flight was full. All the seats have been taken.

“I am delighted to see my family,” said Maddox Steiner.

Danica Steiner added: “I am delighted to sit on my grandparents’ couch.”

” We are well. We’re vaccinated, so we’re not too nervous about it, ”Steiner said. “I actually enjoy the masks during this time. This is the only time I don’t mind wearing a mask when traveling. “

Everyone was calm and played by the rules.

Uma Coleman, who comes from Michigan to celebrate her sister’s 60th birthday, said she was a little worried about traveling.

Her concern: “People who are not vaccinated or who do not want to wear their masks,” she said. “But everyone seemed to obey.”

Even though the airport will not be as busy as it was before the pandemic, airport officials are urging people to think about the future when it comes to parking.

“We tell people that if you plan to park here at the airport, give yourself an extra 60-90 minutes to factor in parking and take the shuttle to the terminal,” Rajchel said.

Some travel tips this year:

  • Plan to arrive early, regardless of the time of your flight.
  • Expect weather delays.
  • Be aware of the latest mask advisories and warrants, testing requirements and quarantine orders.
  • Allow yourself an additional 60 to 90 minutes to park. For several months, the parking lot at Terminal 1 has filled up every weekend, and this should continue this week.

Today at the airport, people had no problem with flights.

People obey the mask rules and travel has been light so far. There was not a lot of activity in the baggage claim areas.

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